The Cuisine Interne Keuken project was initiated in 2004 at Jonctions/Verbindingen 7, a yearly festival around art, technology and ethics organised by constant vzw, Brussels.

Constant vzw selected 17 questions around the ingredients and recipes of cultural work. Some of these questions are quite straightforward, and some leave more space for interpretation or even evasion. The idea was to put practice, tools and conditions at the same level, so to question their interrelation.

In /ETC Amsterdam, 2008, bolwerK set up the My cuisine interne keuken project. It was as a beta test for the distibution of the interview tool.

Conceptually the questionnaire was updated; a new set of questions was developed by scratching out some of the old questions and introducing new ones relating to the collective interest of /ETC. The self(definition) is a central issue, in relation to a wider discourse on art, activism and technology.

The interviews /ETC Amsterdam


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